2013 BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept

The BMW, one of the top three german brands is going to unveil its brand new concept of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen fair, Germany. For many people it is not new and there is no need to become surprised because the new concept gets literally the same shape and size as the brand’s previous year’s concept Active Tourer had that was introduced at the Paris Auto Show.

The new concept is pretty much effective for the cyclists and bike riders as the car is designed in a way that can even offer  plenty of storage to carry your bicycles and bikes with you to anywhere you want. The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor doesn’t look like a concept vehicle and so we can expect the production version in the very near future to hit the roads. At the first glance one can easily spot the luxury and styling features together with a more refined and sportier look and feel.

Integration of an all new carrier system

The German brand integrated an all new carrier system to the interior of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor. The four door, five passenger hatch gets a carrier system to fit two bicycles in the car which is an ideal and effective feature for the sport enthusiasts and especially for cyclists. Moreover, there is a fold out rack for bikes that allow the owner of the car to carry his bike too to his planned destination. To fit a bike in the car may make you a little annoying because the roof of the vehicle is too low and so the owners have to remove or at least lower down the seatpoints that will take a few minutes in making accurate adjustments.

Versatile Interior

The interior of the new BMW Active Tourer Outdoor is very versatile that is made up of hard and durable materials so that one can easily scrub out the mud without getting any notable scratch and damage to the car. Though, much information are not available regarding the interior of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor however some standard interior features include leather upholstery, 40:20:40 split folding rear seats and we can expect an array of technologically advanced electronic features for the comfort and convenience.

Head Turning Exterior

The new BMW Active Tourer Outdoor measures 171.25 inches  length, 62.20 inches height, 72.0 inch width and 105.1 inch wheelbase. The concept version has a really attractive paint choice that BMW called a Gold Race Orange color. This paint choice did a great job in expressing the curves and creases on the body of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor. The new concept is pretty close the Mercedes B-Class in size and some other dynamics and so it will be the key rival of this new German concept. The car rolls out over 20 inch wheels for a smooth and balanced driving dynamics.

Under the Hood

Under the hood of the BMW Active Tourer Outdoor will have the same 1.5 liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine and an electric motor paired with a lithium ion battery pack that will enable the car to move up to 100 km using 2.5 liter fuel and will cover the distance of 0-100 km in less than 8.0 seconds.

Pricing and Availability

The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor is a concept vehicle and is expected to put on production somewhere in 2014 and so the price will be announced later.


Mercedes B-Class

The Verdict

The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor is a very nice concept for sports enthusiasts as BMW took the initiative to introduce a totally new thing to the industry. It is expected that the production version will get lots of features exact like the concept.

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