2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition Review

The McLaren 12C GT Sprint is a new addition to the 12C lineup that extends the lineup from 2 models to three. In the previous month July, the 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition made its world debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed where McLaren also announced that they will limit the production of this model to just 20 units. The new 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition is a track only model so you can expect high standards of performance and efficiency. The new Sprint edition is designed by the McLaren GT which is the racecar building arm of the McLaren.

Exterior and Interior

2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint - Exterior

When you put the new 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition in comparison with the base 12C model, you will get an optimized aerodynamic kit together with some cooling updates. The front end of the 12C GT Sprint Edition is a bit more aggressive and refined because of its new and aggressive bumper, a 12C GT inspired bonnet and a carbon fiber made splitter. Additional changes are radiator exit ducts and front wing louvers. The windscreen is made up of polycarbonate to minimize the weight. A fixed carbon fiber wing is also placed at the rear end of the 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition for extra downforce.

The model that was displayed at the 2013’s Goodwood Festival of Speed was painted in traditional McLaren Orange however, the customers will have an option to choose from a few more colors.

As this is a track only model therefore we can expect a high end interior just like the leading track cars. The McLaren GT installed an FIA Approved roll cage inside the car plus an integrated fire extinguisher system together with a supportive, composite and lightweight comfortable racing seat fixed with a six point harness, a carbon fiber dash, race developed digital display and essential controls of the vehicle. The track car 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition will not offer any kind of comfort features like air conditioning, just because the McLaren wants to limit the weight of the car.

Powertrain and Performance

2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint - Perfomance

At the heart of the 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition, the McLaren GT fitted a usual 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a unique and new oil system and cooling system and a front central radiator. The engine produces a sum of 616 horsepower and 592 lb ft of torque. The on road grip especially at higher speeds is also improved because the new GT Sprints sits about 1.5 inches closer to the earth and with the help of standard Pirelli race tires it delivers a really improved grip and performance. The Powertrain is mated with a seven speed twin clutch gearbox and the car reaches to a top speed up to 207 mph.

Pricing and Availability

Only 20 units of the 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition will hit the dealership throughout 2013 and will carry a price tag of £200,000 that is approximately $300,000 according to the current exchange rates.


The new GT Sprint Edition has to compete against Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 and Porsche 911 GT3 RSR that delivers 600 horsepower and 460 horsepower respectively.


Cool and admiring look

Impressive updates

Powerful engine

Road grip


Track only model

Just 20 units will be produced

Quite pricey

The Verdict

2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint

The 2014 McLaren 12C GT Sprint Edition is a decent way to attract people to the 12C and the McLaren GT added certain cool updates to make the car attractive. Unfortunately, it is just a track only model.

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