2017 BMW i3: More Punch in a Small Package

The All-New 2017 BMW i3 Offer 50% More Range

As we move further into the future, many carmakers like BMW are introducing better electric vehicles that will become the future of the automobile world. The all new 2017 BMW i3 is not just a funky small vehicle that looks good on the top, but it seriously packs a punch under the hood and competes with some of the best electric cars in the same range. This small car is an indicator that automobile companies like BMW are serious about electric cars that might become a standard in the next few years.


Here’s a quick look at the 2017 BMW i3 specs that tells us more about the vehicle. Under the hood, the vehicle is powered by a two-cylinder gasoline engine that can store 2.4 gallons combined with 170 horsepower synchronous AC motor that drives the rear wheels of the vehicle. The model comes with a 33 kWh battery that can be charged in 4.5 hours and that’s one hour quicker than the earlier i3 model. The car can zip from zero to 6 mph in just over seven seconds. While the larger battery does add the weight of the car by 100 pounds the all new 2017 BMW i3 offers energy consumption of 27 kWh per 100 miles or as per EPA’s rating around 137 MPGe.

BMW has also worked on the interiors of the vehicle and the Mega World base version is replaced by the Deka World trim that is made up of dark upholstery recycled materials. BMW also offers customers with the choice of Tera World and Giga World trim levels. The German automaker also offers a sunroof on i3 for the very first time along with i8’s iconic Protonic Blue paint available for i3. The current hybrid version is available for $42,400 without the range extender, so it is assumed that the 2017 BMW i3 price will be somewhere close to $45,000 mark and the expected 2017 BMW i3 release date will be certainly before the year’s end.

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