BMW Debuts TV Commercial for BMW 3 Series Featuring Brooklyn Decker

BMW has made its debut TV commercial featuring the BMW 3 Series and the known actress Brooklyn Decker. The commercial is kind of humorous as in the words of the actress Brooklyn, “I was drawn to this BMW ad because of the humor. I was determined to play myself as a nerdy teenager …”

The ad is thought provoking too as the actress now at present is known Brooklyn Decker who was once rejected by a man as a nerdy teenager. This is all shown in the flashback where this man missed his opportunities. So the ad’s crux is that when it comes to buy the BMW Series, he is not going to let this opportunity pass by again. The word is “Opportunity Knocks” which has been described beautifully by making this creative story driven ad.

The Vice President Marketing of BMW of North America, Trudy Hardy says, “We want consumers to make the right choice the first time, especially when selecting the next vehicle.”

This is surely a clever, well thought ad by the BMW marketing team which is going to do well on air.

Michael Valentine

Michael Valentine is a seasoned freelance writer who combines love for language, wordplay and conversation with demonstrated experience in bringing creative contents to life. He loves and shares news on global trends that are steering development of car industry.

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