Build A Dream Garage for Your Luxury Vehicle!

Gone are those days when garages were used for storing junk and perhaps keeping vehicles away from the rigors of nature. Today, garages are getting a makeover and are being used as a trophy room to store and display luxury vehicles. You too can build a dream garage for your luxury vehicle!

Dream Garage

Depending upon your budget and interest, your garage can be as extravagant or simple as you want. If there is a lot of space in the garage, you can go to the extent of installing a car wash for your luxury vehicle. This said, as needs of luxury vehicle owners are complex and personalized, it can be challenging, but not impossible, to design the ideal garage. Care should be taken to minimize entry of UV rays and reduce humidity to protect the vehicle. Ideally, the space should be between 1,000 square feet and 2,000 square feet to build the ultimate garage for your luxury vehicle. So here are a few suggestions from our garage door experts to help you start on the right track to building your own dream garage!


Install cool lighting that yields high output. In other words, the lighting should emit maximum possible light without using too much energy. Check the CRI, or cool rendition index, of the lighting. The higher the index of the lighting, the better it will be. The CRI scales from 0 to 100; and a higher index means seeing true colors. Opt for fluorescent lights, as it is cool and offers value for money.


Even a luxury vehicle will leak oil. So, you want a flooring that can withstand this leak without marring the flooring. You can go in for a cement flooring and coat it with dark colored Epoxy resin, so that the oil stain is not obvious and doesn’t penetrate into the flooring. Furthermore, give the floor a little slant, so that you can push your vehicle out of the garage and start once it is in the driveway.

In case you want to use the garage space for entertaining as well as safeguarding your luxury vehicle, a tiled floor is the best option. However, stay away from black tiles, as they show dirt very easily and can mar the beauty of your garage. Go for a color that functional and practical rather than following the latest trend.

Heating and Cooling

Radiant heat is the way to go when you are building your dream garage for your luxury vehicle. It is an efficient heating method. Similarly, you should opt for a dehumidifying and air-conditioning systems. This will protect your vehicle from the ill-effects of humidity and high summer temperatures. If you have the money to splurge, you can also install radiant heating in the flooring.


There is no doubt you require an air purifying dehumidifier for your garage. This is a necessity for luxury vehicles. You can invest in a standalone system, or you can go for a modern, digital system that lets you control the humidity and indoor air quality based on your requirements.

Most luxury vehicle owners don’t want UV rays coming inside the garage to ruin the exteriors of the vehicle. So, if you think the same, there is no need to have windows. However, most architectural experts would suggest installing a skylight that you can open and close with the help of a button. Not only is it practical, it also will allow ambient light to filter through.

Car Lift

If the garage has a low ceiling, install a scissor lift to elevate your vehicle 3 feet from the ground. There is also the option of installing an in-ground car lift that is flushed into the floor. Once you park your luxury vehicle on the lift, pushing a button will make the lift rise and help elevate your vehicle.

Water Supply

Even a dream garage requires water. Make sure there is cold and hot water supply in the garage and a drain with a built-in separator to catch oil and grease. You may not want to install a pressure washer, as the pressure of the water can damage the paint of your luxury car. But if you have the basic cold and hot water supply, it is enough to lovingly clean and maintain the interior and exterior of your luxury vehicle.

Lastly, your dream garage also requires adequate security, so that no one can walk away with your baby. Install a high quality security system that offers motion sensors and lets you monitor the garage through real-time video feed. This will give you peace of mind knowing your luxury vehicle is safe inside your dream garage.

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