Must Have Bike Riding Gear For the Cruiser Ride

With its sleek lines, muscular curves and sophisticated power, there’s nothing quite like a classic cruiser. When you hit the road, you need to suit up in style. Your motorcycle is only part of the equation, though. Here’s a guide to some of the best cruiser riding gear on the market bike riding gear.

Bike Riding Gear


Your helmet is the most important piece of gear you’ll ever buy. Though, it needs to be safety-rated by DOT in order to be street-legal. Helmets fit for cruising come in two primary styles: open-face and full-face.  

As its name suggests, an open-face helmet, such as the Bell Scout Air and the Scorpion EXO-C90. It allows you to ride without your face being obscured. This classic style comes in half helm and three-quarter helm models.

Full-face helmets such as the lean. Meaning Simpson Ghost Bandit and the spirited Shoei RF-1200 are typically favored by dual-sport motorcycles riders. But they can be worn on a cruiser, too. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.


It’s important to protect your hands. After all, they’re how you control your bike. They’re also how you’re likely to break your fall if things — or your motorcycle, for that matter — take an unexpected turn. Look for gloves that offer protection from the elements and guard against scrapes and skids.

You might also seek out a glove that’s touch screen-friendly, such as the Phoenix 5.1 from Joe Rocket. In addition to letting you text and update your Instagram story on the fly. It comes in a variety of colors and features Free Air mesh panels that let your hands breathe. From touring models to armored offerings, gloves come in a wide variety of styles and can be found at the same retailers where you might shop for your next helmet or OEM motorcycle fairings.

Bike Riding Gear: Jacket

We know you didn’t buy your bike just so you could rock a rad motorcycle jacket, but it’s certainly a nice perk. Whether you prefer a classic silhouette such as the REV’IT! Pilot or a sleek moto cut such as the Motonation Dominator, you should choose a jacket that’s constructed out of leather or a similarly durable material such as ballistic nylon. A vintage jean jacket or a sporty cotton bomber may look great, but they don’t provide enough protection from the elements or the asphalt.


If you think hitting the streets in your sneakers is a good idea, think again. They may offer plenty of support for walking, running or even shooting hoops, but if you make unintended contact with the pavement or flying debris on your ride, they’re ill-equipped to protect you.

That’s why you need a solid pair of boots, even on a cruiser. Highway 21’s Primary Engineer Boots, for example, pair classic cruiser style with protection from the elements. They’re water and oil-resistant, with durable, Goodyear welt construction and grippy rubber soles. For a more modern take on cruiser boots, Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Text Boots offer reverse buckles and closures, ratchet straps, TPU shift pads, and a stylish, ribbed leather upper.

Fundamentals such as your helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots are built to last, but not to last forever. The next time you’re shopping for aftermarket motorcycle parts, consider sprucing up your cruiser gear, too.


Lizzie Robinson has been writing professionally since 2011, when she discovered a love of cars. She has an interest in writing about cars and other vehicles, especially since her father spent his life working in the auto trade.

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