David Brown Automotive To Launch Creative New Sports Car, This April

Britain has for long remained the hub of luxurious vehicle production and sports cars. To gain from this promising market, David Brown Automotive has expressed its ambitious plan to become the next successful sports car maker in Britain and also announced to unveil its first sports car in line with this plan.

The announcements come from the successful British businessman and car lover David Brown, who set up his automotive company in his own name – David Brown Automotive – to set a new trend in the way sports cars were produced. He believes that his new sports car will blend classic auto styles with most contemporary capabilities to deliver an unsurpassed automobile.

The sports car, which is set for release this April, has been labeled as Project Judi.

To meet his grand aim, Brown picked some of the most talented people from the industry. It is reported that the new car’s design team is headed by an experienced Land Rover Chief Designer, Alan Mobberley, while the auto-engineers expert team, Envisage Group, is behind its production.

To give the car its authentic appeal, Brown’s team has come up with a totally original interior and exterior design, while the engineers have crafted it essentially for low-volume production, bringing together industry’s most cutting edge technology and conventional craftsmanship.

Suhail Ajmal

Suhail is a journalist who loves everything about technology driven cars. He keeps a keen eye on the latest developments in automotive industry and shares the news as it breaks.

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