Does the Mini still have its Charm, or has it lost its Mojo?

If you were to ask someone what they thought of when it comes to Mini cars, they’re likely to mention the famous film The Italian Job, or perhaps the car’s illustrious motor racing history or maybe even historic British manufacture.  The common element between all these is that these are all references to the old style Mini which was in production until 2000.

Now there’s no denying these features are something to look back on fondly but when the Mini brand was taken over by BMW some argued that Mini (now stylised as MINI) lost some of its mojo. So is this actually the case, or are the latest generations of this celebrated car still something to shout about? The answer is fortunately the latter, here’s why:

Fantastic Selection of Mini Cooper

Whereas you were once a bit more limited in your options, you now have a wider more comprehensive selection to suit a bigger range of needs. Each manufactured to the highest standard and available with the latest gadgets. Here are a few examples to suit different requirements:

The Frugal Option – MINI Cooper D

With claimed MPG of over 62, the latest 1.5 diesel 3-door hatchback certainly an efficient choice.

The Sporty Option – MINI Convertible

This open-top, 2-door convertible offers a superb drive and choice of engines to pick from. The pacey 2.0-litre Diesel Sport is especially nippy and will satisfy the need for speed.

The Practical Option – MINI 5-Door

Building on the frugality of the Cooper D, the 5-door version boasts a surprisingly spacious interior and generous boot. All of this together makes it a great option as a practical family car.

The Durable Option – MINI Countryman

Like the name suggests this is a more rugged model in the MINI range. Another practical and roomy vehicle, this is also hardwearing and can come with a number of added extras.

One way to look at this is the MINI has grown and developed to meet the needs of today’s drivers. Yes, they’re not so ‘mini’ anymore, but this is only to accommodate the improved engines, components and provide more space. What’s more they’re far more comfortable to drive in than the rather cramped older versions.

At the end of the day they’re still recognizable and like the old guard, very fun to drive. Equally, there’s now something to suit all needs, so if you are looking to invest in a MINI you’ll more than likely be spoilt for choice.

This article was originally published on 2015

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