Guess the Price for 2015 Ford Mustang?

Order your guide on 2015 Ford Mustang with U.S. dealers and get a good look at the different options. Well, you can have a good look at those screenshots and get to know almost everything except the base price. A lot looks familiar stuff like tech packages and racing stripes. The colour palette is wide with choices like race red, avalanche gray, competition orange, deep-impact blue, etc. The internet is all animated about the new Mustang available in five different basic models. Sadly, the base price is missing!

The 50th Anniversary Edition and a special version of the GT will have only 1,964 copies. We do find the small pricing details included in the guide, like cruise control will cost $1,195 each and the wheels will go for $1,295. The navigation package costs $795 while GT-performance package will cost $2,495. The optional EcoBoost package comes at $2,000. There are lots of other packages, as well.

The final prices will of course differ from model to model and it is only a matter of time now.

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