How Much Will Real American Muscle Cost You?

Muscle cars aren’t just your average motor, any car lover will tell you about their adoration for the raw-power and commanding presence; even the most indifferent and anti-car folk will turn their head when hear one thunder by and be at least a little impressed by their magnificence – especially a classic American model.

If you’re in the market for a muscle car there’s just something right and appropriate about going American; invariably if you were asked to think of an example, you’d name an American model and their consistently superb build and design means they remain as popular now as they ever have been – but where can you get hold of one?

What to Consider and Where to Find Them

Firstly, you need to consider your budget; brand new models (although equipped with the latest driving technology) can come with substantial price tags, so you may want to consider the used markets, whatever your decision you need a reliable retailer, who know their cars and can provide all the information you need before you buy.

You should also consider the mileage, age and potential repair as these can all have a big bearing on your expenditure.

Along with the price you need to think about what you intend to use it for, how much horsepower you’re after and – if it’s a used model – how well it has been maintained (service and MOT history) and which parts are still original.

Four Horsemen

If you’re still unsure, here are four classic American muscle cars for you to consider:

Dodge Challenger – a staple in the muscle car world, the unmistakable elongated bonnet, fat tires and wide front end make this vehicle as recognizable in its current generation as it was in the 1950s. You could find a relatively new used-model for around £30,000.

Dodge Challenger

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Pontiac Firebird – the old ones are the best in this case, the 1960s generation are perhaps the most memorable for their power and comfort but also their unique but attractive square front end. Depending on the condition you could find the ranging from £9,000 – £40,000.

Pontiac Firebird

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Ford Mustang – much like the animalistic name suggests this is a powerful beast. Another sought after model whose popularity has remained since its incarnation in the 1960s. Again depending on condition, more recent used-models can range from £20-40,000.

Ford Mustang

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Chevrolet Camaro – another well-known name, the brand alone is enough for most to take notice but the Camaro is a particularly special because of its substantial size and power. You could find a reasonably new used model for £27,000.

Chevrolet Camaro

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