How To Get A Great Deal On The Astra

The Astra is one of the world’s most-popular small family cars. Known as the Vauxhall Astra in the UK and the Opel Astra in most other countries, the car has been a familiar sight on the road since 1991.

Are you considering buying an Astra for your next car? If so, you’re in luck because this handy guide will give you some helpful tips to make your Astra buying experience a rewarding one!

Decide which one you want

The Astra is now in its sixth generation. As it’s a popular car, there are thousands of examples available for sale on the new and secondhand car markets.

Before you go out and buy an Astra, you first need to decide which is the one for you. Some people will want to buy a brand new Astra, whereas others might prefer to buy a used model from one of the previous generations.

There are four different formats that the current generation Astra is available in:

  • Hatchback;
  • Sports Tourer (i.e. estate);
  • VXR;
  • GTC Coupe.

The cheapest ones to buy are the hatchbacks, whereas the VXR and GTC coupes are the more-expensive models on offer.

Buying new

Deciding on a brand new Astra offers many benefits. For instance, you can choose the specification and optional extras that you want on your new pride and joy. And you don’t have to worry about paying out for expensive age-related maintenance costs.

The only downside to buying a brand new Astra is that it can be a big expense for most people’s budgets. There are a few ways of making a brand new Astra more affordable:

Buy a nearly-new model – many of the cars, for instance, are nearly-new. They only have a few thousand or even a few hundred miles on the clock. But they are otherwise new, and often no-one outside of the motor trade has owned the car;

Buy a pre-registered model – car dealers have to buy some models into stock to meet sales quotas with the factory. These cars just sit on the dealer’s forecourt, and become cheaper to buy over time. Again, they are otherwise new cars that they keep in immaculate condition by the dealership;

Lease rather than buy – leasing is a great way of buying your dream Astra without paying a fortune for it! You spread the payments over three years or so when you lease a brand new car. And you then have the option to trade it in for a new one, pay it off or hand the car back.

Buying used

Used Astra models represent excellent value for money, especially those that they are three years of age or older. You can often pick up an excellent example at a fraction of the brand new price.

As with buying any used car, you should make sure that you do hidden history checks on the car. HPI checks in the UK checks in the US can help you do that.

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