Is Your Next Used Car The Stuff Of Dreams?

Let’s face it. All of us here would be buying the latest concept car if it was anything more than a concept. Assuming we could afford it, that is. The cost of cars in the bottom end of the market seems to be holding steadily and is quite reasonable. But the high-end vehicles with performance and stunning looks to match are costing more and more with every new design. I think we can all appreciate that technology moves on and the gizmos and gadgets we get on board are getting better and better. The fuel economy on every vehicle continues to improve, especially at the high-performance end of the market. It’s just most of us can’t afford to buy them!

Looking at what Audi and Porsche have got in concept at the moment, we know we are teetering on a major breakthrough in the car industry. Ultimate style and performance can merge into the perfect car for many of us. Sleek looks and animal instincts in driving really can be combined in the real world – or so they say. Maybe your perfect vehicle is already out there, or maybe it is still the stuff of dreams.

If there was any chance you could get hold of one of these dream vehicles within your budget, would it still be good enough? Or is it the fact that only the rich and famous will ever be seen driving around town in the cars we drool over? If they dropped the price would you still want it, knowing Kev next door has got one too? If these beautiful vehicles were ever in a Ford Focus price bracket, they might well be less popular.

Image by calflier001

When you are buying your next used car, have a look around the lot. There may be some exciting models for sale that are within your price bracket. The concept cars of yesteryear all end up somewhere when Joe Rich-and-Famous trades it in for the next big thing. But are they still stylish? Are they still high performance compared to what else is available today. Maybe or maybe not. However, a lot of amateur mechanics are buying up 1990s Porsches to do up. And they keep them to drive for themselves. The reason? Some things never go out of fashion, and some dreams never die.

Next time you are wandering a used car lot, like at thames motor group, have a chat with the sales person, and see what he sees coming through at the moment. It may surprise you what may be available at a good price today. Most of us growing up at the end of the last century would have had our eyes on technology-laden BMWs and performance driven Porsches. Audi was producing some of the most stylish looking vehicles and the big three of Ferrari, Bugatti and Aston Martin were providing the 1990s playboys with cars everybody dreamed of. Now those cars are turning up second hand, and very reasonably priced. It could be time to turn your dream into reality.

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