Mercedes A-Class SUV Runs Over Police Gallardo in Italy

The fast and sexy Lamborghini Gallardo might sound like a great weapon in the hands of law enforcement to chase the bad guys, but in Italy one of the Gallardo’s met an unfortunate end when it got crushed under the big wheels of Mercedes A-Class SUV that came in right from the front side at great speed. How the entire Mercedes SUV parked up on the aerodynamically sleek Lamborghini Gallardo is a question that investigators are finding out.

While the investigation is still on it is quite clear that the low wide front side of the Lamborghini Gallardo acted as a ramp for the Mercedes A-Class SUV that have huge wheels. The German car almost drove up the Lamborghini, but at one point got stuck by a third vehicle parked on the side. While Mercedes still looks pretty intact from the rear side, it is the Lamborghini Gallardo that has suffered the maximum damage.

Jyotsna Ramani

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