Mercedes Showcases the Interior of Futuristic Autonomous Cars

Autonomous cars are going to be the future and many automakers around the world are working on how they can build a better one. Mercedes Benz has decided to take things to the next level and the German automaker believes that the interior of the vehicle will be a key element in making these automated vehicles look better and offer driver the right kind of driving experience. Like many other automakers, Mercedes Benz also believes in the future of driverless cars where automakers can eliminate the possibility of human error and make the driving experience safe and efficient.

Futuristic Autonomous Cars

The German automaker mentioned that in the future it is likely that computers will overtake some of the actions like how to achieve minimal distance between bumpers and how to reduce aerodynamic drag and how to control overall speed of the vehicle. This means that cars will handle all the issues that can lead to accidents and thus there would be no accidents at all in the future. However, with so much of advancement the concept of Going for a Drive would go out of the window.

Future Autonomous Cars

To tackle that Mercedes Benz has come up with intelligent semi-automatic features that are already present in the current breed of cars. For instance, the Stop and Go Assist, Active Park Assist and Lane Change Assist. Mercedes believes that the new age technology will work hand in hand and ensure that the future is safe and better but without compromising the human relationship with technology and using technology in a positive way.

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