The 4 Most Anticipated Cars of 2015

A new year is always an exciting time for car enthusiasts and manufacturers. It’s the time of year when automobile companies can showcase their upcoming models. And we, the public, can drool in anticipation of what to expect.

Most Anticipated Cars

2015 looks set to be another strong year for new releases. Many industry heavyweights are back in the game with their latest offerings. Here are four of the most anticipated cars due for release in this calendar year.


1- Mercedes-Benz S550 PHEV

Mercedes once again become pioneers in luxury automobiles with the brand new S550 PHEV. It’s a classic luxury sedan model that can hit 60mph in a little north of five seconds. But that’s not even the best thing about it. No, in fact, the S550 PHEV is Mercedes-Benz S550 PHEV is Mercedes’ first ever plug-in car. This looks set to usher in a new era of environmentally friendly cars. The S550 PHEV is sure to be the future of eco-friendly luxury automobiles. The best thing is if it ever needs a service you can just pop along to Mercedes in Coventry and get it fixed up. Or you can get replacement parts or tyres. You can visit to take care of any of your Mercedes’ needs.

2. Ford Mustang

Finally, at long last, one of the USA’s most famous ‘muscle’ cars is coming to the UK. And the best thing is it’s even been customised for right-hand drive. So for the first time you can have your own Mustang without having to import it. It’s fair to say that a new global target market has done the new Mustang a world of good. It looks fantastic. Sleek, modern and sexy it epitomises the entire Mustang brand. The majority of UK models will contain the 2.3 litre four-cylinder engine. But if you want to get the full enjoyment out of this American powerhouse you should look for the 400+bhp V8 engine. This might be one of the most powerful road cars ever to hit British soil.

3. Jaguar XE

It’s been a curious few years for Jaguar. They have entered into the sedan market before with the ill-fated Jaguar X-type. Unfortunately for them it couldn’t hold a candle to the purpose built sedan models being pumped out by the likes of Ford. But unlike many others Jaguar have learnt from their mistake. They went away and invested billions in development of the XE and new engines to accompany. The result is a sleek, sharp and superbly designed sedan model that can finally go toe to toe with others on the market. Jaguar has also prided themselves on the fact that the XE is a market leader in fuel economy.

4. Volkswagen Golf R

Well, Volkswagen have done it again. The people’s company have made themselves an institution through unrivalled German engineering. And they return to us this year with the latest in their successful Golf range. This time it’s the Volkswagen Golf R. With luxurious interior and a beast of an engine the Golf R looks set to make waves worldwide. One of the most attractive features of this model is its price tag. It clocks in at a little under $38,000/£25,000. This makes it a cheap and attractive alternative to the recent influx of expensive luxury models.

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