Looking for an Affordable Vehicle? – A Nissan is What you Need

With the current economic climate it’s fair to say that affordability is the sensible option for the majority of us when it comes to investing in a car. On top of this, the longevity of it really matters too; so how long the car will last, the MPG it can provide and its ability to hold on to its value.

For such a vehicle, there’s one brand in particular which can offer you all this, along with prestigious branding – namely Nissan.

Why Choose Nissan?

This Japanese manufacturer has over 80 years of experience and such a long history in the motor trade really is down to their fantastic range of cars. Equally, alongside their top build-quality comes the fact they are stylish, well-equipped and they are of course great value. So which models in particular can see you making the best savings?

Which Vehicles?

To point you in the right direction, here are three examples which are championed for their cost-effectiveness.

Nissan Micra – a great choice as a runabout or city car, the compact Micra boasts excellent economy and is fun to drive.

Nissan Micra

Nissan Pulsar – a slightly larger hatchback, the Pulsar also offers superb economy and the surprisingly spacious interior makes this ideal for families.

Nissan Pulsar

Nissan Juke – a popular choice in the Nissan range thanks to its winning combination of style, performance and low running costs. Better still, the Juke offers drivers the presence of an SUV yet has the responsive steering of a smaller car.

Nissan Juke

An Even Better Cost-effective Solution

You may be thinking at this point that it would be nice to buy yourself a Nissan but your budget might not quite stretch to it. Well there are alternative and cost-effective ways to source your next vehicle.

While you can pick up a good deal in the used markets, there’s another options you might want to consider which will not only see you get a Nissan but a brand new one to boot, without the big expenses.

There are lease car companies that can offer a wide range of new Nissan and you simply agree a contract and your monthly payment will cover all the expenses you would usually incur, like MOTs, taxes and costs to repair any damage.

So, if you’re looking for your next vehicle, be sure to consider the above suggestions and make it a Nissan. If you do, you could see your bank balance looking healthier each month thanks to these affordable and reliable cars.

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