Raminator Breaks Guinness World Record to Become the Fastest Monster Truck

Monster trucks are never meant to run fast on the race track, but what we have seen today is unbelievable. The Ram sponsored Raminator truck has set a new Guinness world record by going as fast as 99.1 mph at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Behind the wheels was nine-time Monster Truck Racing Association Driver of the Year, Mark Hall, beating the previous record by going 2.3 mph faster.

Raminator might be the right truck to beat the previous record as it has got Monster Truck Racing Association’s (MTRA) Truck of the Year award eight times. Having said that, this was nothing but impossible for a truck weighing 10,300 pounds with 3,600 pounds tires.

Though Raminator holds a 565 cubic-inch supercharged Hemi V8 engine that produces over 2,000 hp, but we give all credit to Mark Hall who drove it so skillfully that he was very close to hit the century mark.

Asim Farooq

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