That Ferrari LaFerrari Has Seen Better Days

The still fairly new (been in production since 2013) LaFerrari has a kind of unfair reputation as a “garage car” that looks good, but it is more of an attraction than a real car. Judging by these photos, Matthew Munson is certainly not one of those owners who never really tests the abilities of those beauties. The British entrepreneur took his ride out for a spin, unfortunately literally. Those limited edition supercars are extremely rare which is why this was only the second crash that a LaFerrari was involved in.


Thankfully he got away with that mistake and no one was injured in the crash. Well, other than the $1.5 million supercar. As far as the Ferrari goes, the LaFerrari took an extensive beating. Judging by the photos, the rear diffuser seen better days and the rear bumper also got damaged. With a car like that, this has to be considered extensive damage. You cannot just take those cars to the nearest repair shop and ask them to repair it. That process is a little bit more problematic. Those however who can afford it, probably has the necessary money to repair it as well.

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