The Advantages of Jeep as Prepper Vehicle

The Jeep is one of the most resilient types of vehicles best suited for very harsh conditions. No other four-wheel vehicle on the planet has become the single-most standard mode of transportation among any 21st Century army than the Jeep. Because of its high military recommendation, the Jeep is the type of vehicle any person would consider in a very tough road situation. People who take practicality to a whole new level are normally one of the most avid proponents of the Jeep. When it comes to anticipating a doomsday scenario, one is in need of all the practicality he or she can get. Other than paramilitary civilians the best customers of Jeeps could be the survivalists or better known as preppers.

Who are the Preppers?

In order to understand why a prepper would choose a Jeep for his or her personal vehicle, one must understand how the prepper thinks. Unlike ordinary people, true preppers or survivalist cannot find the distinction between possible disaster scenario and actual disaster scenario. As far as the prepper is concerned, society is already breaking down as we speak.

A prepper already lives in the reality he or she is trying to survive. If a survivalist prepares for a mega earthquake that will cause huge devastation that will result in chaos and panic, he or she practices the plan for survival every chance he or she can get. During ordinary uneventful days, the preppers think that “survivalism is key”. Mainstream society criticizes their mindset as textbook paranoia, and even maliciously calls this particular group of people delusional. But survival experts, especially those in the military, assess that preppers have a better chance of surviving a disaster than those ordinary people who are in denial of any threat.

Why would a Prepper choose the Jeep?

A prepper would choose the Jeep in the same way the military would justify the same choice of vehicle. The Jeep is fast and capable of traversing any terrain (even the steep 80 degree elevation and decline). The Jeep is very resilient and weather proof. It has a higher level of tire traction than ordinary vehicles against sand, mud or snow. Most Jeeps are already winterized and they do not easily break down against the frost. Jeeps are also a practical choice for preppers because it is very lightweight.

For a car that can sustain an incredible amount of physical force, the Jeep is light enough to be towed by a heavy helicopter. In fact, Jeeps are the most recommended choice of vehicle for a daring rescue mission on ground zero terrain. The Jeep can be parachuted from a heavy aircraft without getting busted on its rough landing. This performance has been done many times by World War II paratroopers. A prepper who would volunteer to rescue friends whenever disaster is at its climax can benefit very well from using the same tactical maneuver with the Jeep. If one would need to escape fast against unforgiving terrain, the Jeep is an excellent choice.

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