There’s Nothing Micro About The New Nissan Micra

If you’re buying a Nissan Micra this year, then there’s something that you need to know. The model of car that you’re about to purchase is over 13 years old. This is true, even if you buy the latest generation of Micra on the market. The body work has been available for well over a decade. That’s why it’s not surprising that when the new generation hits the market next year, it is going to be radically different.

The New Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra has always been seen as the main rival to the Ford Fiesta. It’s got a similar size, a similar performance and the same basic target customer. Both were classic choices if you were looking to buy a first car or if you were just looking to purchase an affordable smaller vehicle. It’s clear looking at the market that the Nissan Micra has fallen out of this race completely. Is all that going to change this year?


What’s New?

We don’t know much about the new Nissan Micra. It is yet to be fully unveiled to the public. However, a few sneaky photographers have managed to get snaps of the latest generation being tested. These photos, while unavailable to share here, are nothing short of staggering. In short, the new Micra is completely unrecognisable. It makes you wonder why Nissan has decided to keep the name. Although all evidence points to the fact that this will be called a Micra, it will be interesting to see if this changes before the release date. It is hard to see how Nissan is going to market this car as a small vehicle when it looks like the size of your average saloon.

From what we can see, the Micra does have a modern design. Despite currently being camouflaged, it looks like a car that should be on the road in 2017. That’s important because Nissan cannot afford to release another dinosaur.

What It Needs To Be

We think that for Nissan to succeed with the Micra, they need to offer something completely different. It seems, based on the size alone, that is exactly what they are trying to do. We have seen this movement before with another car company. When the Mini was reintroduced to the market with a new style, it was a lot bigger than what most people had grown accustomed to. It was a groundbreaking success. With the right marketing, Nissan could see similar results.

It’s not true to say that the old Nissan Micra was a bad car. It certainly wasn’t and if you want to pick one up from a company like Sandles car Supermarket, you’ll be getting a great car at a fantastic price. That said, there is no denying that the new design is exciting. Although, it has to make you wonder whether Nissan is looking towards a new target customer.

A New Market

On the size alone, it is possible that Nissan is looking at people with bigger budgets than typical Micra buyers. It is hard to imagine that this car will be released on the market for anything close to 6,000. It is far more likely that the vehicle will be released with a price tag close to 9,000.

What We Want To See

There is nothing wrong with Nissan aiming at a different market. First-time car buyers may no longer find that the Micra is within their price range. However, Nissan should be aware of their competition. It is not enough to deliver a fantastic car with great handling and a comfortable amount of space. If this is all Nissan delivers, it is likely that they will not be able to win over customers. Instead, they need to be thinking about adding new and exciting tech to their vehicle. Just this year, Lexus released a small car with a built-in camera included. Ford have already announced that in 2017 all of their cars will come equipped with apple car play. It is too early to say whether Nissan will continue this trend with the new Micra, but they certainly should.

The original Micra was fantastic. It had a brilliant performance for a small car, and it was excellent for handling on the road. The machine was reliable with safety features that rivaled the best vehicles on the market. Hopefully, the new, bigger and bolder Micra that Nissan plans to release will continue this types of trends. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the market when it is finally unveiled later this year.

Bilal Sajjad

Bilal Sajjad is a full-time writer who loves to write about new cars, classic cars and good at writing about cars racing as well.

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