Top 5 Reasons Why Buyers Prefer SUVs over Hatchbacks or Sedans

Hatchbacks or sedans have always remained one of the most popular car segments around the world for many years in the past. However, a new trend of sport utility vehicles began to become popular in the 1990s inspired from various off road vehicles and military vehicles that were used for various off road activities. It was in the United States and Canada that more and more people decided to go for sport utility vehicles which were also called as light trucks. Today, SUVs are highly popular and every car manufacturer in the world has various models in the segment to cater to different customer needs. Here we take a quick look at the top 5 benefits of driving a sport utility vehicle and why most car buyers today prefer SUVs.

Bigger Vehicle Size

Hatchbacks and sedans are good for urban road conditions but consumers today are very particular about different uses of their vehicle. Hence, many car buyers today want to go for bigger cars that have bigger size and that actually helps when they are buying SUVs compared to smaller hatchbacks and sedans. While hatchbacks and sedans have low driver seat, SUVs have a higher seat location because of the bigger body frame and that also offers a better view and visibility to the driver in any road conditions. Sport utility vehicles also have bigger tires and wider wheelbase which makes it easier for the driver to handle the car in many ways. The extra height also helps the driver to take their vehicles off road as SUVs have better ground clearance and therefore they are easy to drive on rough roads.

Better Handling

There is no doubt that hatchbacks and sedans offer better handling but sport utility vehicles have extra features that make driving much easier. The handling capabilities of any SUV are better than that of sedans and hatchbacks because the handling and the steering wheel is designed to offer maximum comfort even when the SUV is on rough roads. Most SUVs have better four wheel functions that make it easier for the driver to handle cars even when they are not on the right kind of roads. SUVs also have better performance options like better stability control, traction control, ABS and responsive steering wheel that allow the car to prevent skidding and slipping on wet roads. SUVs are usually preferred when people drive in rough weather conditions like snow and rain where hatchbacks and sedans might fail. SUVs also have better safety features that allow the driver to get better visibility in poor climatic conditions.

Spacious Interior

Many car buyers today need more space in their vehicle because they are not just concerned about the space that their family members will take but they also consider various items that they can carry along. Many family car buyers want cars that they can use for their professional as well as personal use. Hence, they select SUVs over sedans and hatchbacks that do not offer the same kind of interiors. SUVs are bigger and therefore they offer more comfort and space inside the cabin while also offering bigger cargo space where car owners can place their bicycles or items that they want to carry along. Car owners that have bigger families obviously will need more space in the car and large traditional SUVs offer seat for seven passengers comfortably which sedans cannot provide. SUVs are also good for business reasons because users can fold the rear seats and use more space as cargo which they need for their business. It is also easier to haul a trailer or transport surfboards on top of SUVs rather than on sedans and hatchbacks that are too small in size.

Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency is really important for any car to be a bestseller in the market. There are many SUVs that do not have the same kind of popularity as some particular models do and the difference is that top SUVs in the market have better fuel economy. Although, you cannot compare the fuel economy between a hatchback and a sedan and a SUV because SUVs have larger engine that generate more horsepower and torque compared to the engines that are used in hatchbacks and sedans. However, many buyers today look out for crossovers which are basically compact SUVs that offer the best of both the worlds. They are as good as SUVs but they still offer the right fuel economy that any hatchback or sedan can deliver.


Sedans are usually considered as a family car because sedans offer multiple features to male and female drivers at the same time. However, SUVs have gained more popularity because they are more versatile and they can be used in many different ways. The car offers wide range of features that can allow the drivers to take in on road and off road depending on the requirement of the car owner. On the other hand, many females today prefer SUVs because they are working mothers and they have to handle their personal and professional work at the same time. With SUVs female drivers get the option to quickly do their household shopping and stock it in their cargo while they are handling their professional work. SUVs are loaded with many safety features like ABS, traction control, stability control and electronic brakeforce distribution that makes it easier for female drivers to handle the car on the roads.

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