Need A Practical People Carrier? The Toyota Verso Is For You!

There are plenty of cars that do a good job of transporting large families around from A to B. MPVs, people carriers, minivans. Call them what you will, they are practical modes of transportation. But, when it comes to buying such a car, how do you know which one is right for your needs?

After all; there are dozens of suitable models out there. One model, in particular, is proving to be a hit with growing families. The Toyota Verso is a testament to what the Japanese firm does best: build good all-rounders. Here are some of the key features of this people carrier:

It’s a seven-seater

With the Toyota Verso, you can seat up to six adult-sized passengers in the car. Of course, if you’ve got a family in tow, it’s likely some of your passengers will be young children. Whatever age your passengers, you can seat them all with comfort in the Toyota Verso.

Being a practical car, you don’t need to have the five rear seats opened up. For example, let’s say that you need to transport some cargo. The rear five seats can get folded down. You can also keep some of those seats up if you do need to take some passengers with you.

It got designed with families in mind

Sit inside the cabin of the Toyota Verso and one thing’s for certain. The styling and practicality got designed with families in mind! The interior of the Verso is spacious and comfortable. That means when you all go on long road trips together, you won’t have aching bodies afterwards.

It’s an important thing to have on your family car checklist. That’s because there will be times where the entire family will need to go on long journeys together.

It’s affordable

One unfortunate fact about people carriers, in general, is that they often cost a lot of money to buy – new or used. It’s refreshing to find out that the Toyota Verso is well within most people’s budgets. At Inchcape Toyota, for example, one can see just how well-priced these cars are. And the same is true if you look elsewhere in the market.

It’s no surprise that the Toyota Verso does quite well in car reviews. After all; it’s got practicality, space and it offers good value for money.

It’s good on fuel

When you own a family car, you will usually look for vehicles that offer exceptional fuel economy. It’s a good thing the Toyota Verso doesn’t let you down in that respect!

There are three engine choices available on the Verso. For ultimate fuel economy, the 1.6-litre D4-D diesel unit is the best one to get. One can expect up to 62 MPG combined from those engines. Standard is a six-speed manual on all trims. Some give you the option of having a CVT automatic.


If you want a people carrier that’s good on fuel, is practical and won’t let you down, the Toyota Verso is for you. Yes, there are many alternatives on the market. But, do they all offer exception value for money like this car?

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