5 Ways To Know You Should Update Your Jeep’s Parts

You choose to drive a Jeep because it dominates wherever you go. Whether you are sitting on the freeway or crawling down a rough-cut trail, your Jeep’s systems must deliver an exceptional ride.

Update Your Jeep’s Parts

Even though your rig was built to last, its parts may eventually wear out or break completely. Here are five ways to know you should update your Jeep’s parts today.

1. You Hear Strange Noises

The most important way to know you need to update your rig’s parts is by listening for the sounds associated with mechanical problem. If you near any strange noises coming from under your Jeep’s hood, be sure you service your vehicle’s essential systems.

2. Your Jeep Scrapes Its Undercarriage

Getting over boulders or downed limbs sometimes requires more clearance than a stock Jeep offers. If your 4X4 regularly scrapes its undercarriage on trail hazards or anything else, installing a Jeep TJ lift kit is probably a good idea.

3. You Notice Cracks, Tears or Rips

If your Jeep Wrangler hardtop or soft top has cracks or fading, you are asking for long-term trouble. By updating to a new top, you restore your rig’s look while preserving its condition for years to come.

4. Your Rig Looks Rough

Because it’s a Jeep, your rig has a rugged look. It shouldn’t look ragged, though. If the trail has been a little hard on your machine, replace your Jeep Wrangler bumpers with modern upgrades. Or, opt for new body panels that aren’t dented, scratched or damaged.

5. You Bought Bad Parts

Every Jeep owner has made the mistake of purchasing substandard components from a shady parts dealer. If you bought or installed sub parts on your machine, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Instead, swap out the low-quality products for high-quality components from a reliable seller, such as 4WD.com.

Driving with old, damaged or ineffective components can destroy your 4X4’s driving capabilities. That’s simply unacceptable. By watching for these five signs, you will likely know when you need to update your Jeep’s parts.

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