Why the Ford Fiesta is the UK’s Most Popular Car

The Ford Fiesta currently has the joint honour of being the UK’s most popular car in 2014 and more significantly the most popular UK car of all time; this impressive accolade is completely justified as well for a number of reasons, so it really should come as no surprise.

The name of the car itself suggests something to celebrate and enjoy, so what exactly is it about this vehicle that makes it such a popular and enduring piece of automotive engineering?

Well-designed and Constructed

Ford is a company long associated with being the architect for the modern road car; from the first Model-T in 1908, to the variety of types available in 2014, the Fiesta – now in its seventh generation – has a wealth of design history to maintain and is as carefully and meticulously built by Ford now, as it was in its conception in 1976.

The latest models can offer you the conveniences you’d expect to find in a modern car; while its shape has evolved over time, it is still uniquely sleek and aerodynamic giving it an almost Tardis-like effect of looking smaller on the outside but being surprisingly spacious in the interior.


The price of the Fiesta has been and still is a big draw for buyers; along with its reliability it is also economical – particularly the ‘Econetic’ range that can deliver 60-70mpg. In the current economic downturn as well, it is the practical option for drivers either with or without families and furthermore the durability of the Fiesta means you can find a car that you know has been designed to last. Depending on your preferences you can find a wide range at a reliable retailer, with prices for new cars starting as low as £9,995.

The Choice is Yours

Another positive aspect of the Fiesta is the variety of models to choose from, you can find something specifically for you. This could be: transmission; number of doors; what gadgets you have; the fuel type or a more economical engine.

The latest petrol engines are surprisingly fast as well, a current 1.0 Litre Eco model can leave you astonished with the speeds it can reach despite its apparently modest size. Equally, the Fiesta ST range – the cousin of the renowned Focus ST – can provide the power for the more ‘petrol-headed’ drivers out there while still being at the cheaper end of the market.

Whatever you decide, there will be a Fiesta out there for you and in the end 4m-plus UK drivers can’t be wrong.

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