World’s Strongest Man Sets New Guinness World Record with Nissan’s help

The world’s strongest man, Zydrunas Savickas who towed 12 new Nissan Notes weighing in at a total 12 941kg, sets a new Guinness world record for the “Most Cars Pulled By One Man.” Savickas is a five-time World Strongest Man champion and widely regarded as one of the most remarkable strongest men of all times. He sets his recent record with just a single attempt as he pulled the 12 Nissan Notes over five metres accomplishing this in just 32.9 seconds.

Notwithstanding additional 45 litres of loading space and spacious legroom that house 1.91m strong man, the all-new Nissan Note is 21kg lighter than its predecessor which is just additional since Savickas weighs in at a staggering 170kg.

Savickas was honoured with an official certificate from Guinness World Records representative, Jack Brockbank having made his major achievement. The attainment of this feat marked the end of Lithuanian Car of the Year test camp with crowds turning out from all over the country to witness Savickas’ achievement.

At his finishing well, Savickas expressed his joy thus: “It’s always great to set a new record, once I got into my stride pulling the 12 Nissan Notes was fine. Obviously, a big thank you to Nissan for helping me set the record and making it all possible.”

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